Dean & Dean Construction

This was I website I designed for construction firm Dean & Dean using WordPress. Features include an options section on the dashboard (backend) which allows users to put in address and contact details.

Each page is editable. When a user is logged in they see links on each section taking them to the back end where they can edit that item. For example on the front page an edit link appears beneath the slideshow which allows the user to add, delete or edit slides.

I create custom post types for projects on the site and used a taxonomy system so each project can be filtered as past, present, future or archive. Visitors can then view and filter these projects on the front end. Similarly there is also a custom post type for team members, allowing users to add, edit and delete team member profiles.

I used a grid system to lay out projects on the projects archive page. I also made use of modern css features (with fallbacks) to, for example, show a full screen slideshow on the front page.

The site was designed to be fully responsive and work well on mobile screens.

The client requested not to have social media or a news section. However I have kept the default post type in place so that should the client wish to add a news section in future it would be easy to implement.

Front page

Properties page

Individual property

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