Typographic Enquiry

The aim of this project was to create a signage system for the Cambridge Museum of Technology that pays respect to the architecture and content of the site. This unusual lettering design appears to be unique to Cambridge and is worth preserving. I believe the signs harmonise with the building and help shed a little light on this history.

The aim of any signage system is to help visitors find their way around a site and get the maximum enjoyment from their visit. By keeping the lettering reasonably small, but using a high contrast between figure and background colour I believe I have found a system that is useful but not distracting from the museum’s architecture.

The final typeface based on old Cambridge street signs

The tile system I have developed could be designed for a 3D printer which would mean new letters could be made to order and appear the same as older letters. A feature of the old signs in Cambridge is that they show inconsistencies which may have occurred as signs decayed and were replaced with new designs, different from the older ones. 

By having a digital design with which to make new tiles these inconsistencies could be eliminated, even if different materials are used. Further consideration would need to be made as to how these letters could be attached to the walls without causing any damage. The focus of my study has been the type design and prototyping.

A close up of the proposed lettering system

Obviously there is still some way to go in creating a visitor journey and deciding which signs should go where. This is something I hope to offer to the museum in the coming months. For more information look at my blog: http://museumsignage.wordpress.com/

Page spreads:

Project imagery

An early design of the typeface placed in a solid grid

A Photoshopped image of how the final type system could look

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